British brand started in 1952,
to make life in the home easier and more enjoyable

Russell Hobbs has been synonymous with quality, style and innovation for the kitchen and home for over sixty years. Founded in 1952 by Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs, the business was started with the world’s first coffee maker “CP1”. Since the beginning, Russell Hobbs has led the way by introducing products which offer real consumer benefits and technological advancements to make life in the home easier and more enjoyable.

Russell Hobbs is well known as a leading electric kettle brand. In 1955, Russell Hobbs launched the ground breaking electric kettle K1 which was the first kettle in the world to shut off automatically. In quick succession, its second kettle K2 was launched and it gained a great reputation. Thanks to this development, the electric kettle spread rapidly throughout the world.

Russell Hobbs have continued to develop an international reputation for supplying many ingenious products around the world; such as the kettle with “Optec Disc” that accelerated boiling speed dramatically, and Glass series products which use glass for stylish appearance.

Now Russell Hobbs brand is distributed in more than 30 countries, not only in Europe but also in Asia.