Coffee Hand Dripper

Paper Filter
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Flannel Filter
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French Press
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Aero Press
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<Paper Filter>

The paper filter is relatively popular because of its ease of use. Besides, smooth liquid without fine coffee particles may also be the reason why paper can be selected.

Fine coffee particles do not pass through the mesh of paper, so coffee liquid brewed by a paper filter tends to be smooth on the tongue. However, the coffee oil which contains many flavour components of the coffee is absorbed in the paper and so does not come into the coffee liquid.

The shape of filter holders and the length of ribs have some differences depending on the brands. Such differences effect the taste of the coffee and so each brand is particular about "length of rib" and holder shape "triangle or trapezoid". Coffee liquid flows along the rib, so the length, height and number of ribs can be said to be important factors to effect the brewing speed and taste of coffee: in case of a long rib, the brewing speed becomes faster and the water contact time with the ground coffee becomes shorter, which can result in a light taste; and in case of a short rib, the brewing speed becomes slower and the contact time with the ground coffee becomes longer, which can make a taste with body.

Besides the rib, the size and numbers of bottom holes also effect the taste of coffee.

Fine to coarse grind
- Smooth and bright taste
- Easy to handle
- Drip holder and paper filter is comparatively cheaper
<Nylon Filter>

This filter is made with nylon. It can be used repeatedly so it is more economical compared to a paper filter.
The mesh size varies between each brand but generally speaking, it is larger than that of paper filter. Paper filters absorb the coffee oil which can enhance the good flavour of coffee, but this nylon filter can brew it out same as the gold filter.
However, it is hard to achieve a stable taste because the mesh filter holes are not even, and also the taste can be effected by the distinct smell of nylon.

Medium or Medium-coarse grind
- Coffee oil can pass through the mesh
- Lower cost compared to a metal filter
- Easy to handle
<Flannel Filter>

This filter is made with flannel. It is said that this filter can brew coffee with body, good flavour and mellow taste.
Unlike paper and metal filters, the flannel isself also swells out as well as the ground coffee after water is poured over, so water is held longer in the filter compared to other filters. Thanks to this character, almost all properties of the coffee can be brewed out so you can enjoy coffee with body.
However, in order to get a coffee with good taste by this filter, experience and skill to continue to pour water drop by drop are needed. In addition becouse a flannel filter cannot be washed in a detergent water and it must be kept in water, so it is very troublesome to handle it. For these reasons this dripper is not so popular as a house-use filter.

Medium or Coarse grind
- Mellow and deep mouth feel
- Mellow and sweet taste
- Flexible brewing method as preferred
<French Press>

Pour water on ground coffee and leave it as it is for 3~4 minutes. Then just push the plunger to make your coffee.
The coffee liquid is filtered out by metal mesh or nylon mesh, so coffee oil can come into the liquid. However, because the ground coffee is soaked in water for 3~4 minutes all the ingredients are brewed, including those not only with good flavour and taste but also unpleasant taste. This is at the same time its advantage and disadvantage, but it can be said to be good brewing method as long as the coffee quality is good such as specialty coffee.

Medium or Coarse grind
- Coffee oil can pass through the mesh
- Easy process but produces all true flavour and taste of the coffee
- Good design
<Aero Press>

By AeroPress, coffee is brewed by using hand-pressure.
A mesh filter is sold as an option but usually the coffee is filtered by a dedicated paper filter, so coffee oil is absorbed in the paper and does not come into the coffee liquid. In a similar way to a French press, almost all ingredients except the coffee oil are brewed, but because of this reason (no oil), the coffee taste is clearer than that produced by a French press.

Medium or Fine grind
- Quick brewing
- Good for small brewing volume
- Smooth mouth feel thanks to no fine particles in coffee liquid
Gold Filter

This is a metal filter plated with pure gold. It can be used semi-permanently and is very easy to handle; no need to make additional purchases of paper filters, and no need to use a troublesome method such as is the case when using a flannel filter.
Also the gold is hard to be changed chemically so coffee brewed by the gold filter is not oxidized.

Compared to a paper filter, its mesh size is larger and so some fine coffee particles pass through and come in the coffee liquid. But unlike paper filters, coffee oil that contains many components with flavour can be brewed in the coffee liquid without being blocked by the filter.
In addition, thanks to smoother water flow, you can make a delicious coffee in a short time.

This gold filter is developed for enjoying specialty coffee inparticular, so you can make the best of specialty coffee when brewed by this filter.

Medium or Coarse grind
- Good oil of specialty coffee can pass through the mesh
- True nature of each coffee bean can be extracted as it is
- Easy to handle