About cores Gold Filter

gold filter
gold filter The "cores" gold filter is plated with pure gold.
Gold is hard to oxidise and so coffee made with this gold filter is not affected by metal.
Also, the true taste and flavour of coffee can be extracted as the coffee oil is not blocked by the filter.
Why not enjoy great taste and flavour with the “cores” gold filter?

What are the benefits of the Gold Filter?


Pure gold double plating: One of main causes of coffee degradation is “oxidation”. Gold does not cause any chemical reaction, so the coffee brewed by a gold filter cannot be oxidised and you can enjoy great tasting coffee.

Slot pattern
Longitudinal slots: Thanks to the slot shape water flows much smoother and faster and the water temperature can be kept higher.

Punching direction from inside to outside: Every slot is punched from inside to outside to allow water to flow much smoother and faster.

Original filter holder design: ideal shape for fast brewing

The clear filter holder has no wall. This allows the water to flow very smoothly unlike an ordinary dripper where the water has to pass than between the filter holder wall and filter.

Strong Point of Gold

Ionisation tendency of Metal

Metal ions effect the taste of coffee,
so it is better to select a hard to oxidise metal as the material of metal filter.
Gold (Au) is the hardest metal to oxidise or ionise.
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  • Ionisation tendency of SUS is same level as Copper (Cu).
  • The passivity of Titanium (Ti) and Aluminum (Al) ensures they do not become rusty and generate only a small amount of metal ions.
    “Passivity” means the property to have an oxide film that resists corrosive action on the metal surface.

*Comparison between Titanium filter and Gold filter: Per tasting test by Maruyama Coffee, the coffee liquid brewed by the Cores Gold Filter tends to be smooth and tastes good compared with that by Titanium.

Mesh shape

Round Holes
circle slit
The filter holes can be clogged by coffee particles, so water flows unevenly.
<Cores gold filter>
Longitudinal Slots
vertical slit
Because the slots are longitudinal they are not clogged by coffee particles. Therefore water flows very smoothly.

Comparison with Paper Filter

In the case of a paper filter, water flows down to the bottom of the filter along the paper rather than passing through the paper.
Also the coffee oil that enhances the taste of coffee is absorbed into the paper and not extracted in the coffee liquid.

As for the gold filter, water passes easily through the filter and flows smoothly down along the outside. And, of course, coffee oil can pass through the filter.
So, you can enjoy all the original good taste and flavour of coffee with our cores gold filter. gold_filter_drip

<Paper Filter>
Coffee liquid does come out through the filter but flows along the inside of paper and then it comes out from the very bottom of the filter. The coffee oil does not come into the coffee liquid because it is absorbed in paper.
<Gold Filter>
Coffee liquid comes straight out through the filter and flows along the outside of filter. The coffee oil also passes through the filter and goes into the cup. However, some fine coffee particles can pass through the filter slots and then also come into the cup.