For convenient and enjoyable cooking
with stylish and modern kitchen appliances

Dunnetts is a British brand with a history of more than 130 years, founded in 1885 by Rivers Dunnett as a high quality bakeware factory in Birmingham.

At the time it was founded all housewives used black, heavy iron pots and tools. Rivers Dunnett wanted to produce modern and light kitchen tools for women, and from this thought he started his own brand “Dunnetts”.

At the beginning of the 1990s, sons Howard Dunnett and Hanbury Dunnett formed a partnership and the company became known as “Dunnetts Brothers”. Their idea “to provide convenient, modern and easy to use kitchen tools” has been treasured until now and the bakeware of Dunnetts is still individually hand-made in their own factory in Birmingham.

Now, Dunnetts provides not only good bakeware but also modern and easy to use kitchen appliances. Dunnetts has combined new modern technology with excellent British traditions.