Company Information

Company Name :Oishi and Associates Limited
Head Office :8th floor, 3-28-6, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
151-0053, Japan
tel:+81-(0)3-5333-4447 fax:+81-(0)3-5333-4446
Predident :Kiyoshi Oishi
Date cf Estabishment :April 15, 1997
Capital :¥40,000,000
Business Overview :We are aiming to provide consumers with opportunity to enjoy more affluent lifestyles by supplying high-quality imported goods, and now, these are sold at the speciality shops, department stores, and mail-order companies.
We always seek for attracitive goods arount the world.
If you are interested in or have inquiries about our business, please feel free to contact us.